... making the connection

... making the connection
Invaluable when there is no face-to-face interpreter!
Making the connection ... when needed!
Remote sign language interpreting ... meeting needs!
Having access to services in my language ... BSL!
Reliable & professional

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Video Remote Interpreting Services


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Where it can be used ...

medical-professionalsSLi-NOW! can be set up for either a specific service (A&E Dept, Clinicians appointment  etc) or as a multi-site/multi-service facility.


  • A&E prior to interpreter arriving
  • out-of- hours emergency (prior to interpreter arriving)
  • booked interpreter delayed
  • immediate referral at short notice

laSLi-NOW! can be set up for either a specific service (one-stop-shop, housing, social work etc) or as a multi-site/multi-service facility.

Samples of good use:

  • ad-hoc meetings with councillor
  • out-of-hours emergency
  • social work emergency/stand-by team
  • Council offices (public enquiries)

business_people1SLi-NOW! can be set up for either a specific service in a given locality or for a wider geographical service.


  • professional advice/consultation
  • over phone or at meeting
  • shared service with professional membership
  • Providing ‘on-the-spot’ access for BSL users
  • Call centres

IndividualIndividuals can use SLi-NOW! for their employment requirements.

This can be funded either directly by the employer or via the individual’s Access to Work (AtW) allocated communication support hours. Flexible packages available.

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How it works ....

Andrew’s story …

A short video highlighting the experience of one user – see Andrew’s full story here.

This is just one example where an on-line VRI service can be used.

SLi-NOW! Video Remote Interpreting and the BSL (Scotland) Act 2015

Public Body - BSL Plans

Scottish_parlThe BSL (Scotland) Act  was passed by the Parliament on 17 September 2015 and received Royal Assent on 22 October 2015. This has been seen by BSL users across Scotland as a momentous and historical leap forward in the promotion and recognition of a cultural and linguistic community.

access-bslAs a public body with responsibility to produce, develop and review a BSL plan do you have mechanisms to consult and communicate with BSL users? SLi-NOW! can offer solutions in meeting these responsibilities and how you interact with Deaf BSL users.  … Read more