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BSL Plans


The BSL (Scotland) Act was passed by the Parliament on 17 September 2015 and received Royal Assent on 22 October 2015.

This has been seen by BSL users across Scotland as a momentous and historical leap forward in the promotion and recognition of a cultural and linguistic community.


As a public body with responsibility to produce, develop and review a BSL plan do you have mechanisms to consult and communicate with BSL users? SLi-NOW! can offer solutions in meeting these responsibilities and how you interact with Deaf BSL users.

The Act

An Act of the Scottish Parliament to promote the use of British Sign Language including by making provision for the preparation and publication of national plans in relation to British Sign Language and by requiring certain authorities to prepare and publish their own British Sign Language plans in connection with the exercise of their functions; and to provide for the manner in which such plans are to be prepared and for their review and updating.