... making the connection

Clicking the above button will connect you directly to the on-line interpreter.

You will need your username & password.

After this you may need to ‘scroll‘ down the page to see and click the ‘black’ phone icon.

Remember to click ‘Allow’ (if asked) on the video window.

Clicking the above button will take you to our ‘how to/guide’ page.

Just in case you forget –

a simple step-by-step guide showing what you have to do.

If, for whatever reason, the page is not looking right you may have to ‘refresh’ the cache/screen

You can do this by pressing the following keys: ‘ctrl’ & ‘refresh’ (see image)

Operational times:

Calls between 8am and 12 midnight – use the above ‘Click here to connect’ button.


Calls between 12 midnight and 8am – A specific number to call will be provided  – an on-line interpreter will be available within 30 mins.
Note: Calls after midnight are only by ‘service agreement’