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What is VRI

What is SLi-NOW!’s Video Remote Interpreter service (VRI)?

VRI: is where the British Sign Language/English Interpreter is ‘remote’ with the Deaf person and service provider in the same location.

SLi-NOW is provided by Sign Language Interactions. This allows for and provides effective communication between a Deaf person and service provider where a face-to-face interpreter is not possible (perhaps due to short notice, emergency etc).

All our British Sign Language/English Interpreters are fully qualified and registered providing a truly professional service.

seeExamples where SLi-NOW! VRI can be used:

Councillor Surgery using remote interpreter during meeting.

Out-of-hours Social Work Services using remote interpreter during consultation.

Commercially based services.


clockWhat are our opening times?

Operational times:  SLi-NOW!  is a 24 hour service

Calls between 8am and 12 midnight – use the above ‘connect to sli-now!’ menu option.

Calls between 12 midnight and 8am –  A specific number to call will be provided  – an on-line interpreter will be arranged within 30 mins.

wheelsWhat do I need?

  • Laptop/Chromebook
  • Headset with mic (optional)
  • Your Username
  • Your Password

feeHow Is our VRI service funded?

SLi-NOW! VRS for organisations is  funded through an annual fee plan plus a pay-per-minute charge.

Individuals (e.g. via Access to Work Support) can access the service on a monthly basis in addition to the pay-per-minute charge.

Please contact us for more information.